Biko is a new age Kenyan film maker and an active, contributing member of the Kenya Actors Guild where he serves under the management committee as the head of production. As an actor, he has had his fair share of both notable and bit parts in local and international films, among them, Sense 8 (2014).

As a creator and director, he has directed a number of films most recently ‘Get Some Money – The parable of Judas’ a comedic feature film he created, wrote, directed and acted in. The film premiered in Feb 2017 and is currently under contract with KWESE tv. He also work closely with institutions that offer film training and other related activities like Midas International Boys High school where he established a film club that is currently hyper active with independent productions that seek to integrate film and pedagogy while involving industry participation through regular, structured and consistent mentorship.

As a new age industry player, he aim to rack up corporate experience in matters distribution, festival organization and creation of more meaningful mentorship programs and positioning strategies for younger Kenyan filmmakers, who most of the time, lack the chance to advance on their passion and end up falling off the radar. He also seeks to incorporate film and fitness through Jump rope touring that involves filming around scenic and historic sites in various parts of the country. The first trial edition of my jump rope tour activities were recorded in the beautiful Laikipia County and awaits release later in the year.


Ms. Joy Nduto, is a TV content producer, director and consultant with over 12 years work experience in the TV and Film industry. She has previously worked at Wananchi Group, Zuku TV as a Commissioning Editor and a Producer/Director at RedHouse Group Ltd advertising agency. She is currently the CEO of a content production, management and consultancy company called Attitude Media. She has developed her skills over the years in commissioning, producing, directing, production management; Film & TV content strategy, business development, and distribution and film festivals organization. Over the years joy have produced and managed different genres of TV shows ranging from dramas, documentaries, TV commercials, magazine shows, infomercials, kids magazine shows, lifestyle and reality shows that have been broadcasted on different audio visual platforms. Some of the shows she has commissioned previously that have won awards are Groove Theory, Best TV drama and lead actor (Kalasha Awards 2015). Other nominated shows were From Here to Timbuktu (Best documentary 2014), Krazy Kool Magazine Show and Afro Fuse (Best TV show 2015).She has been selected to be a juror and film awards consultant for different local and international film festivals including the International Emmy Awards competition (2016 – 2018) and Kalasha International TV and Film Market 2018 among others. As the Secretary General of Kenya Film and Television Professionals Association her vision is to create, promote and build a robust content platform that will offer collaborative production opportunities within the African TV/Film industry and produce content that will appeal both locally and internationally. She has a passion for telling our stories ‘that are for us, done by us’


Mwendwa is a director, writer, mentor, TV and film content producer .He began his career with a flair for on stage acting and directing .As he progressed in genre something about film ,creativity and complexity of it ,caught his eye and he was in love. This was the inception into the world of TV, Film directing and content creation.

Fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of film in Kenya’s cross-cultural divide, he opened a TV and film Production Company called Artskills Films in 2013.It is an entirely successful venture with numerous adverts, documentaries, children’s shows, wedding shows and films still being featured on TV currently. In His six thrilling years of being in the industry, he has gained experience in producing and directing all types of television programs, be it fiction, documentary, reality, or any other format of TV program popular in the country and across the globe as well, with several awards namely Riverwood Academy Awards Best Director 2014& Best Lead Actress 2015.While in Kalasha International Film & Television Awards -Best Supporting Actress 2014&Best Lead Actor 2015.With nominations Riverwood Academy Awards Best Cinematography 2015, BestActor2015& Best Supporting Actress 2014-2015. In his capacity as the Treasure of Riverwood Ensemble Filmmakers Association, he has been able to polish his film festival organization and association management skills. Additionally, he has been able to accomplish organization, budgeting, marketing, attendance, and general publicity goals giving him extensive knowledge and talents to establish and implement strategic media and promotional campaigns to generate multimedia coverage and get government and corporate sponsors on board for the last 4 years straight. All in all, film is all about the artistic expression of words and ideas through picture storytelling and which is core talent that he believe  he can never truly finish developing. So, let’s continue making the everyday mundane into heartfelt captivating ideas.


Amos Mwaki is a passionate filmmaker. Despite being a Certified Public accountant (CPA K), He is passionately pursuing filmmaking. Amos is the Managing Director of Lifedream Production engrossed in production of full feature films, short films, documentaries and series. Amos is also the Managing Director of Mwaki Writers which is a company engaged in writing scripts for feature films, sitcoms, television dramas, radio plays, cartoons, TV adverts and all kinds of writing.

His stint in filmmaking started in 2012 when he produced/directed full feature film- “Shouting Silence”.

Lifedream has produced web series “The Last Bait” and is currently in production of full feature film “Mathematics Lesson”


Dennis Mbuthia is a game designer and animator at Adala Studios Ltd. He has 8 years industry experience and has worked on over 12 motion graphic campaigns, 4 animation (2D) short films and 1 board game. Dennis has handled various positions from a 2D animator, motion grapher and game designer. He is the current Treasurer of Association of Animation Artistes Kenya, 1st Runner up in an AR/VR Competition and one of 3 finalists at the Chezo Gaming Hackathon. Dennis has a passion for animation projects and games that bring innate joy and learning to the everyday lives of his customers and clients. He has been a teacher at ADMI since 2015 and at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) since 2014. He hopes to inspire the artists in his class to be the best they can be and impact the world with their individual skill set. Dennis is a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University and has a BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering and an Animation and digital design Certificate holder from Homeboyz Animation School. He seats in the OSCAR Selection Committee Kenya since 2017 representing the Kenyan animation industry and volunteers at Destiny Chapel as an Animator and Graphic Designer. Learning and teaching are his key passions and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise to all who will listen.




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