Specifically, the uniqueness of this event is to bring together all East African professionals representing the entire chain of the Film and TV production process and therefore offer global players an opportunity to connect, develop businesses and partner with the right people according to the field they are interested in and who perform in the following fields:

  • Film and TV acquisition and distribution companies
  • Terrestrial TV / Cable TV / Satellite TV and IPTV broadcasting houses
  • Film, TV, Animation, Documentary and Advertising companies
  • Production services companies (pre-production, location scouting, crew, equipment rental, etc.)
  • Artist management
  • Finance, film insurance, intellectual property and entertainment-related professional services
  • Film Commissions
  • Industry Associations
  • Government bodies and Media Authorities

The primary target profiles are international top managers and key decision makers such as:

  • Network and TV Channel, directors and managers, Acquisition directors, programming managers and commissioners (TV channels, Film and TV distribution companies, VOD platforms and Video-oriented social networks)
  • In-house TV channel producers, Production company directors and managers (international co-productions)
  • Animation studio directors and producers (international co-productions and outsourcing)
  • Advertising company directors and managers
  • Independent Film and TV Producers and Production Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • Artistic Directors
  • Post-production Managers
  • Film Commissions representatives
  • Ministries of ICT/ Foreign Affairs / Tourism
  • Multimedia representatives
  • EAC representatives
  • Funding agencies directors and managers
  • Private and public investors

For international participants, the market will give:

  • Access to all the key information and contacts to plan future collaborations or co-productions.
  • In-depth insights on the East African audio visual market through thematic conferences.
  • Fresh projects to produce or coproduce new and original African content.
  • Opportunities for sales and distribution of their content in East Africa.
  • Opportunities for business development in the broadcast and mobile technologies as well as the post-production fields.

For Kenya, the market will:

  • Promote the Kenyan Film and TV industry towards the international media players.
  • Position Kenya as the leading East African country within the industry.
  • Position Kenya as the leading country to encourage and create East African policies, media regulations, Film Commissions and filming incentives.
  • Stimulate and increase businesses, incomes and jobs in the overall production process.
  • Attract international productions in Kenya and contribute to Kenyan tourism development.
  • Place the country as an innovative media player.

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