David Gitonga

David Gitonga

Creative Director


David Gitonga ‘Tosh’ is an award winning filmmaker and mentor. Born in Nanyuki, Kenya.

He studied at the Kenya Institute of Marketing, where he graduated in 2003 with a Diploma in Marketing. During his studies he started an internship at a production company called Baraka Films. There he was introduced to the world of film and worked on his first feature film ‘Dangerous Affair’ 2002 as a production Assistant.

Having worked his way through the ranks within the film industry, he fell in love with the directing side of making films. In 2010 he enrolled in the One Fine Day Film Workshop, where he was selected to direct his first feature film Nairobi Half Life under the supervision of Tom Tykwer. In his career, he has won a number of awards and accolades across the African continent for his filming work. His strong and empowering personality is as contagious as it is endearing, making him a man of the people.

His deep desire to create films and commercials that are significant to the African continent and its people landed him a wide range of clients such as Safaricom, Cocacola, Isuzu, Airtel and Brand Kenya.

His infectious personality emanates positivity, shown in his ability to ensure that everyone on set is taken care of. Tosh: every single person that forms part of the filmmaking process is important; he believes wholeheartedly in teamwork and making people feel comfortable

He takes great pride and care in his work and his desire to understand his audience is shown in his craft – he pours his soul into each job, treating it as though it is his first.

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