Mona Ombogo

Mona Ombogo

Author and Script Writer

Mona Ombogo is an Author, Scriptwriter and a Video Blogger who has been in the Kenyan Film Industry since August 2007.  Born in Kenya, raised in Swaziland and educated in Kenya, the United States and the United Kingdom, Mona has been exposed to several cultures which have in turn enriched her expression as an artist and given her a broad outlook on the world which she borrows from to enhance her creations. Currently, Mona is writing an auto biography for the celebrated female Vice Chancellor of Kabale University, Uganda, who has been a women’s rights activist since the 1980s and has driven the creation and growth of some of Uganda’s strongest women organizations. The novel is set to come out in 2019. In tandem with her interest in women’s issues, Mona’s most recent film, Inherited, based on the intricacies, injustices and complications of wife inheritance was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Kalasha Awards 2017. Trained in London as a Scriptwriter for Television and Film, Mona has further advanced her skills by attending several workshops globally (Berlin, Abuja, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam) most notably an Mnet workshop by Nathan Marshall (Emmy Award Nominee), Robert Mckee (acclaimed Hollywood scriptwriting guru) and a workshop by  Ginger Ink and Film Africa (Part Founded by Tom Tykwer, an internationally acclaimed award winning director).  Mona’s other works include over 10 feature length scripts for Africa Magic Original Films including Women of Obiero, East and Life Suspended. She’s been the head writer for renowned television series’ namely Changes (3 seasons), KONA and Mali. One of her most profound works was two mini-series’, Sand Box and Sand Storm, written in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, where she travelled to see firsthand the life in refugee camps and listen to the rich experiences that they shared.  Mona has authored two novels, Soulfire, an African fantasy and V for Visa, a Nairobi based romance. She is currently working on the sequel of V for Visa, titled D for Darien. She is also working on a video blog series, Life With Mona, which discusses the raw truth about everyday life; relationships, career, spirituality and religion. Mona continues to tell people stories where she works as a contributing writer for the Standard Newspaper’s Hustle magazine, a business magazine profiling young entrepreneurs in Kenya and Eve magazine aimed at highlighting women based issues and interests. Mona’s greatest aspiration is to use her words and creativity to share and shine a light on the layers of life. She aims to always, as so quaintly coined by one of her mentors, Robert Mckee, ‘write the truth.’

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