Mr. Ogwang Oongo Omuga

Mr. Ogwang Oongo Omuga

Managing partner at Chwero Company Advocates

Managing partner at Chwero Company Advocates, and head of litigation, policy development, training at trIPle O and Associates, a leading mid-size intellectual property in the East African region, is the most sought after intellectual property authority in East African region where he has cut a niche reputation for himself for building proprietary operational capacity thresholds of individuals as well as organizations he has come into contact with in the course of his professional dealings.

An exceptionally gifted speaker with a rare ability of condensing complex legal topics into their simplest form easy to be consumed by lay audiences, whether in institutions of academia where he is sought after to conduct series of high voltage intellectual property seminars, or at the policy table where he has authoritatively inspired formulation of intellectual property enabling policies, Mr. Ogwang is known to light his audience’s hearts and minds with fire through his eloquence, polished sense of humor, and his vast understanding of how intellectual property awareness can be leveraged upon to build competitive models within Africa’s market place. He is an in demand resource with United Nations Taskforce GESCI where he has been quite instrumental in enabling United Nations through this taskforce to formulate policies and programs to unlock the creative economies

A regular vlogger through his Facebook personal account, Mr. Ogwang Oongo Omuga, he interacts with entrepreneurs from all walks of life as he seeks to build their sense of intangible resources to grow globally competitive brands, products and services. He is a tremendous and rare resource to speak in the forthcoming Kalasha Market Event as many film practitioners are set to benefit as he himself is an accomplished creative with over 24yrs in the entertainment industry in the capacity of a music producer. He has an enviable capacity to connect and strike a vein with his audience.

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